Tasmania’s distinctive geography is one of the main reasons we love living here so much, but the features that make our state unique are also the ones that can leave us exposed to the risk of bushfires. Our hot dry summers, along with increased urban sprawl across the island, can place our communities at higher risk of bushfires.

As active members of their local volunteer fire brigade, the team fully appreciates the importance of bushfire planning in Tasmania.

Operating as Gifford Bushfire Risk Assessment, our Bushfire Hazard Practitioners are accredited by the Tasmania Fire Service to prepare Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessments and Bushfire Hazard Management Plans (BHMP).

Our bushfire risk team provides a prompt and friendly state-wide service for single dwellings, multi-units development, commercial development, and subdivisions, vulnerable and hazardous uses, and has specialized expertise in bushland environments independent consultation and performance solutions.


How do we operate?

Local, state, and federal regulations require any development on a property in a designated bushfire-prone area to consider their bushfire risk and if necessary, provide a Bushfire Hazard Assessment prepared by an accredited person. We will help you meet this requirement.

Because most publicly available aerial photos and overlays are out of date, a site investigation is necessary to obtain detailed insight into the site and enables us to prepare the accurate documentation you’ll need to lodge with your planning or building permit.

Additionally, a site inspection also empowers our Bushfire Hazard Practitioners to determine the exact level of bushfire protection required.

What services does Gifford Bushfire Risk Assessment provide?


Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment

Site investigation.

BAL assessment.


Bushfire Risk Assessment

Bushfire Risk Assessment Report.

Bushfire Hazard Management Plan.


Bushfire Emergency Management Plan

Bushfire Action Plan.

Bushfire Emergency Plan.

To provide you with certainty within your budget, we’re happy to provide a free fee estimate.

The cost of providing a Bushfire Hazard Assessment varies depending on the level of complexity.

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