Kel Aldred

I first contacted and was introduced to Andrew Gifford back in 2007, when I was wanting to extend our house located at Franklin, in the Huon Valley of Tasmania.

We have 6 acres overlooking the Huon River, and wanted a house extension to increase the size of our house by 50%, taking full advantage of the amazing views both up and down the river system in Franklin.
Andrew came to the site to understand our needs, present ideas on how to best extend with architectural influence and flair, and have an extension to achieve our ideas and desires to capitalise on the extensive views across the river. Suzie Gifford also attended the site meetings to provide an assessment on bushfire planning and design for planning reports required by Council on Bushfire Level (BAL) assessments.

The end result of plans from Gifford Building Design in working with my wife and myself was so successful, and his company prepared all plans and documentation for Council, engineering, fire rating, star rating, and follow-through of a planning permit and building permit issuing. Suzie had a strong knowledge of Council requirements, their planning teams, and many years of experience working with Huon Valley Council for successful client outcomes.

Since that extension back in 2007, Gifford Building Design has drawn up plans for the construction of a standalone open-plan two-bedroom cottage in 2009, and recently, another major extension to our principal house, adding another 25% to the building size.

Another project in the Franklin business area with a heritage overlay was undertaken by Gifford Building Design., and Andrew was commissioned with his team to design holiday accommodation plans, and planning permits, and work closely with heritage consultant experts, was undertaken by Andrew. I have been deeply involved with this design project and plans, which involved has involved Crown Lands, TAS Water, Huon Valley Council, the local community, and heritage oversight of approval.

I have always found Andrew, Suzie, and his team to be responsive, a great listener of clients’ needs, and ability to bring projects to finality within budget constraints. They have proven to be a business destination with extensive industry professionals they work closely.

I wish Gifford Building Design every success with their application to your committee and would welcome further information relating to his company if you require it.”